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  ├ 真空断路器
  ├ 真空负荷足球即时直播
  ├ 高压无功自动补偿成套装置
  ├ SF6柱上负荷足球即时直播
  ├ 隔离足球即时直播
  ├ 氧化锌避雷器
  ├ 户外交流高压喷射式熔断器
  ├ 户外高压跌落式熔断器
  ├ 电缆分接箱
  ├ 成套设备
  │  ├ 低压足球即时直播柜
  │  ├ 高压足球即时直播柜
  │  ├ 母线-电缆桥架
  │  ├ 配电箱-电表箱
  │  ├ 箱式变压站
  │  ├ 直流电源柜
  ├ 漏电保护器
  ├ 电力缴费机
  ├ 电表箱
  ├ 智能型万能式断路器
  ├ 万能式断路器
  ├ 小型断路器
  │  ├ DZ47(NC)-100 小型断路器
  │  ├ DZ47-63 高分断小型断路器
  │  ├ DZ47LE-63 漏电断路器
  │  ├ DZ47LE-100 漏电断路器
  │  ├ HW65 高分断小型断路器
  │  ├ HW65LE-63 漏电断路器
  ├ 继电器
  │  ├ 磁保持继电器
  │  ├ 电磁通用继电器
  │  ├ 汽车类继电器
  ├ 组合插座箱
  ├ 连锁插座箱
  ├ 多功能插头插座
  ├ 矩型工业插头插座
  ├ 橡胶工业用插头插座
  ├ 螺旋快速安装型插头插座
  ├ 经济型插头插座
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HongWei Electric Co.,Ltd._世界杯精彩竞猜

PostTime: 2011-8-6    Views: 1995
HongWei Electric Co.,Ltd founded in 1984, is a concentration of research and development, production, sales and service in one country without a regional limited liability company. China must win at the company’s headquarters wan Yandang Mountain "China Electric Capital" Liu town of Wenzhou City in Zhejiang, the State Administration of Machinery Industry, the State Power Company designated high-low-voltage electrical production units. Companies registered capital of 50 million yuan, the plant covers 12,600 square meters and a building area of more than 20,000 square meters, existing staff of 500people, of whom 6% design staff, the High-tech accounted for 12.5%, of which 20% tech staff, 55% of college students.   

Companies have adopted a comprehensive version of the international ISO9001 : 2000 quality management system and the version of the international ISO 14001 environmental management system certification. Product of Machinery Industry, the State Administration of Quality Supervision, production license, the China Quality Certification Center (CQC) presented the "CCC" certification issued by the Institute of Electrical and Xi’an high-pressure models use of a certificate. Over the years, many government departments and units as the company "advanced unit." In 1999, the company’s products were more than the Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Information Center and other units jointly as " ’99 Zhejiang quality products"; 2000, the company by the State Economic and Trade Commission, State Power Corporation first recommended the inclusion of the national power grid construction and transformation of enterprises and was listed high-tech enterprises in Zhejiang Province; 2002, the company -- ASTRI Chongqing, Chongqing University in Wenzhou high-tech industrial park jointly established "research and production bases." 2003, the Wenzhou City Branch of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China granted the company "AAA" credit class enterprises. The company’s products sold nationwide provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, all insurance products from the People’s Insurance Company of China.

The main production Vacuum Series (ZW24-12 series、ZW8-12 series, ZW32-12 series, -12/D ZW-intelligent, AN type CHZ-12 type FDZ-12 type ZN28-12 series, ZN63-12 (VS1) series, KYN-12 series, FZW28-12F/630 type); High Voltage series (GW5-40.5 type GW9-12/630 type GN19-12 (C) type); In response to a series of cable boxes (Distributed-12, DFW8-380 series); Static Var Compensator (HWJN-12 type, HWJW-12 type, HEX-12 type);Ring counters series (XGW-12 series); Outdoor drop fuse series (RW10-12F type HRW11-12 type); MOA series (HY5WS, HY5WZ series); industrial appliances (DW15, DW16, DW17, HW1 intelligent, DZ20Y series, CJT1 Series, CJ20 series, the Reversal Series, HD13B series); Series automation technology and other low-voltage products.

HongWei Electric Co.,Ltd to established perfect market sales network and after-sale service system throughout the country, the market sales network scattered in more than 30 provinces, municipality. Meanwhile, the products of our company far sales to countries and districts like Southeast Asia and occident, depends on our first class quality and excellent before-sale, during sale and after-sale service, the HONGWEI brand won favorable acceptance from users.

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